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Because, honestly, if I even make five bucks off this donation button, that would be the coolest thing in the world and I wouldn’t even know how to handle myself. Five bucks is like, a sandwich. With extra cheese. If you like what I write as much as a sandwich, I could die a happy woman.

Just think about it, is all.

(oh, GOD. I have NO IDEA how to turn off the ads that appear underneath this. I’m so sorry. This is so shameless and self-promotional and I hate myself so much right now).

115 thoughts on “The Give Me Money Page

  1. Um… I actually want to give you money because your post made me cry and if you’re out there saying things I believe are important and cool, well then maybe I will, too. (Where is the GD $$ button???).

  2. This is one of the most amazing and realistic factual stories I’ve ever read! Beautiful and Completely inspiring for all to read☺❤GOD BLESS!!

  3. WOW….loved this… So today,so sad,so inspirational… have touched my heart and my mind….please keep writing and I will keep sharing…

  4. Clean up the offensive language, shorten the rants and you’ll be a better writer… – you’ve chosen a life of a Creative. As one myself from the Baby Boomer crowd, it’s the same struggle for every generation. But keep strong! It’s a life worth living!

  5. aaahhhh, yes. The complexities of being human. Thank you so much for this! I’m a Unitarian Universalist minister, and will be preaching on creating space for wonder tomorrow. Tomorrow. sigh. It has indeed been one of those weeks… months… years. Who the hell has space for wonder and awe? And, how can we not? So, thank you. Please know that some of your words will be quoted and credited in a small church in the Sierra Foothills tomorrow.

  6. You are clearly intelligent, passionate, articulate and many other wonderful (and probably not so wonderful) things.

    I truly enjoyed this piece and hope it is a mere glimpse at all you carry with you and your ability to express it. Just so you know, I am more likely to make the world a less shitty place because of you.

    I am also willing to donate a whole $5 to buy you a sandwich – and of course you should have extra cheese.

    And, I have an idea that may be of even greater value…

    I am a Life & Leadership Coach. I have been rigorously trained and I too am capable and passionate in the messages and impact I have been able to have on individuals, groups, my community and the world.

    I would love to have a conversation with you. What will come out of it? Who knows? I am confident that there will be value generated on both sides. But neither of us could possibly know until we connect.

    Please reach out and let’s see what we can create in 5 min, 20 min, an hour or a lifetime.

    Thx for putting yourself out there in the vulnerable, powerful, authentic way you do.

    And my invitation is that you allow some of the generosity of your spirit to return back around.

    Warmest regards,

  7. After really bad day my friend shared this and I cried cause it so right. The times I did the things in the list are the times I felt the best. Dine them a lot. Have bipolar son and been thru him with drug addiction, homeless, the mental health non system, bad shelters, blah blah. I watched him give his only short to someone who needed it more. Watched him read to a lady every day for a month in a psych ward and she went home, and yet they called him the sick crazy one. I learned that it is all the little things we do when no one is looking make the biggest difference. Thanks for reminding ne

  8. I liked where you were going with your post, until you mentioned Mother Teresa and then I realized you knew nothing about her. Except possibly what Christopher Hitchens wrote. I’m sorry you didn’t understand her or her work. Stick to the things we should all be doing, we should all be more humble.

  9. Thank you for the post on things we can do to make the world better…it was very moving and profound and in a good way made me cry.

  10. I absolutely loved your post on 15 things to make this world a better place and to be more happy and to stop and think about all the good it actually is going on in the world and to try and help all of the bad… As I was out yesterday with the girlfriends celebrating her birthday and we were sitting in a restaurant and a woman who is a regular there came in and sat at the outside seating with her dog she was with the police department and it was a canine unit I suppose A dog to search out drugs etc.… The point is this woman was so sad or so angry and she acted like a complete bitch but I knew something was wrong something deeper and both myself and my girlfriend we couldn’t put her finger on it so before we left my girlfriend went up to her and tried to talk to her but she pushed her away and said leave me alone… My girlfriend said she just came over to bless her… I’m still thinking about this woman and how I can reach out to her and make her day just a little bit better… She serves for the police force for god sake and risk her life every day for us and I just want to know how to help her help her to be happier for the helper to not be so sad her to get through whatever it is that’s making her inches of rain miserable I feel so sorry for her I plan to go back to that restaurant and wait for her again… The bartender said that she comes there all the time with her dog… I want to take her something maybe a Christmas present with a note attached telling her that she is loved and then I think her for her service. I don’t know that I will actually get through to her or that she will even give me the time of day ever… Maybe I’ll take her dog a new collar or chew bone and then maybe just give her a gift card to that restaurant since she seems to go there quite often 🙂 I pray to God that I reach her reach her soul just Long enough to talk to her and to make her smile

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  12. People like you should stand out more… I’m a Kenyan and have started a campaign to reconcile my country after the post election violence of 2007…. myself,I appreciate your post. Thanks

  13. Thank you for for your insight, we do live in a really amazing world, I thank God for that.
    We truly do need to remind ourselves of it everyday, and do the little things that make it matter to others.

  14. Hi my names Chris. Even through the internet I know for a fact you are an awesome person. I agree btw with all the shit you said up there^ keep doing that sort of journalism because honestly you made me laugh out loud in agreement when I read this. And I have this desperate urge to try to get in contact with you through this comment but that’s creepy as fuck so I won’t. But I would if it wasn’t creepy. Go you boo

  15. I hope you love yourself as much as most everyone else does 🙂 You’re very special and I hope you keep it coming because it’s great to read what so many feel and think but can’t quite put into words they way you do so wonderfully. There are so many many many more times fantastic people than not and it’s critical that we remember that and see them and not let the few take over our lives and happiness and freedoms. And so important to keep being kind to each other with our hearts open – we’re all we have 🙂

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  17. If you’re real, as in honest to yourself as a person, then all else falls into place, with bumps, downfalls, disappointments, fails, and let downs by others and even your own-self; but you are a ace Mountaineer, and can climb the h’ out of anything life throws at you, even c, but that takes an inner strength like no other you have yet to discover. It also takes discernment of your own body. Enough said…

    -Now personally I have only once mastered my camera non –skills to perfection, as one day I sat out for stroll down by the university, the sky was overcast some deem as Gloomy, I do not, and asked stranger if I could use them to try my Portrait taking non –skills.

    -It was awesome upon receiving the developed film prints. But even more so, I released how beautiful people really are, even more so their personalities seemed none introverted.

    -A couple of students I later ran into, I gave to them the image and the negative in envelopes and told them, to give them to their mothers when they feel, they really needed to have a lift in spirits.

    -Sorry about the slightly suggestive lesson in inner spiritual health and well being.

    -However, this is really for your mother, her response will determine upon if she needs another image left under her journal, atop her lap top, upon the counter with her favorite tea, along with two cups upon wee saucers or sat next to the window sill.

    -And thanks for the Burger; it’s a was double cheese burger with the works. but just one, as I have a adopted baby boy, now my awesome son of 2.4 yrs/mths.

    -Oh G, I have never written a response like this to anyone in my entire life.

    -Surely it must be your great, grand – mamma challenging me to be used as a vessel in means to bring you to a smile. Nah. I am just musing, and your name is not Surely, I know.

    Good Day from the worse Photographer ever to manipulate a photographic mechanical apparatus …


    -oh p.s. your photography and insight, is beautiful under the shine of your personality.

    Lovely day, yr. Great Grand Mamma

  18. I loved the post I read about “doing whatever the fuck you want.” I wish I could donate but since I’m in the range of no money from my blog, I can share with others and hope this little bit helps.

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  20. This is fantastic! I will definitely be making a donation! Please will you share with me how you added this button to your blog? I am thinking it’s a pretty solid plan and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try myself, if you don’t mind. i have always written my blog for the love of it – but as you say – a sandwich or cup of coffee for a post someone likes would be cool!

  21. Thank you for making me fucking laugh out loud! Thank you for reminding me that I deserve to sit on my ass without feeling even a twinge of guilt as I ignore the dirty dishes until tomorrow and tell my kids to make their own damn lunch for a change! Hell, I think I’m even going to break open that bottle wine I’ve been saving for a special occasion and enjoy every last drop myself because I don’t WANT to share it!! WOO-HOO! I will also be making a donation because I have just laughed more than I have in two weeks. THANK YOU!!

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  31. Asking for donations! Why didn’t I think of that?! Probably because I’m lucky to have one or two readers per post. Of course, I only blog semi-regularly and . . .

    Oh, there I go being all about me again! Great posts! Wishing you a sandwich till my next read of your work when I’ll be more abundant and donate.

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  33. My mother is dead but I wish she wasn’t so I could write a blog called “I am begging my mother not to read this” – lol! I love you!

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  35. That was said in a perfectly candid way and I wish you find your way and that you have happiness and good thoughts. It’s so amazing that you think of all the folks that need help and find ways to assist them. I believe empathy it’s the most difficult emotion to hold on our hearts. You’ve done an eloquent job of speaking to us about the needs of others. I will try more often to extend myself and my heart in the right way.

  36. I love this piece and your sense of humor. In our family, we do #6 especially well. Both my kids have Crohn’s disease, which means that we pay a lot of attention to our digestive systems and the surprising sounds they make. My son once asked, after watching an ad for “beano”, “Why would anyone NOT want to fart?” Thank you for making us feel special.

  37. Thank you, from a working mom who is trying not to participate in the “you can have it all” competition. I googled “how to not give a s***. I appreciate all of the points you make. It helps put things into perspective! 😁

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