For male allies.

With a big h/t to my friend Rachel, who had some smart things to say on this subject tonight. (AKA… I needed to break out the crappy “paint” tool in Photoshop, and I needed to make these images). Thank you, male allies. I hope this helps us, all of us.

I’m so glad that we are talking about the Stanford Rape case, as I’m glad that we were talking about the Steubenville case, or any prominent case that demonstrates the vast problems in the way that we handle these crimes. I’m glad that we are paying attention to the injustices surrounding the rates of sexual assaults, the lack of education about what assault and consent entail, and the fact that rapes are widely under-reported and under-prosecuted. I’m glad that we are talking about it. So here’s a helpful thing to help frame the way that we talk about it, and a few more ideas to address what we do about it.

(For those of you reading on a phone, this is an image-heavy post, so a laptop or tablet might make for an easier time.) 

allies and rape

allies and rape 2


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12 thoughts on “For male allies.

  1. After I read your previous post, “A Danger to Others”, I was compelled to write my own post, “Real Men (Not).” I invite you to read it, and hope you will consider me an ally. Thank you for such a powerful essay.

  2. I love, love, LOVE that you’ve posted this today. Right now I’m so angry about some of the things I’m hearing that I can’t see straight (much less do that thing with the words, where you put them together and make sense) but the one thing I keep coming back to is that two men saw a dude touching an unconscious woman and intervened.

    Thank you for bringing our attention back around to a positive/useful direction.

  3. Great post Katherine. I will pass along the social route. I wrote about this too. It sickens me how casual the culture is, how the tolerance is so low. Let’s keep writing, talking, shouting and making change. ❤

  4. Thank you so much for verbally expressing things others cannot find the words to describe IT. It makes me SO ANGRY. Which helps nothing. So I am taking back my power by not allowing myself to be a victim any longer. I own everything I think about. So I think about healing, reaching out; screaming if I have to into an empty pillowcase. It helps. We have to help each other. Namaste.

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