A Short Summation of Everything I’m Feeling About Every Terrible Thing In The News Today.

I depend on other people for advice constantly. “Should I take that job?” No? Cool, thanks for the heads-up! “Should I go to that place for brunch?” No? You think that other place is better? Thanks, great!

Here are some other things I’ve given considerable thought in recent weeks: can I pull off high-rise jeans? What flavor of ice cream do I want? Should I have a second drink at the bar or just go home? Valencia or Hudson? Procrastinate tonight or work for another hour? Do I really need that coffee? Do I want to see that movie? Are those glasses frames really the right shape for my face?

Someone please explain to me how I am a member of the same species as anyone giving seemingly less consideration to the following dilemmas: “Hey, should I track and kill that endangered lion?” “Hey, am I overstepping my jurisdiction as an officer of the law?” “Hey, should I rape that woman?” “Hey, should I bring this gun into a crowded movie theatre and open fire?”

I can’t pull off high-rise jeans. I’m short and they make my round tummy look enormous. That one I can solve pretty easily.

If anyone knows the answer to solving the vast and incomprehensible wasteland of human cruelty, give me a call. I’d love to know if you’ve figured it out.

20 thoughts on “A Short Summation of Everything I’m Feeling About Every Terrible Thing In The News Today.

  1. Re: “solving the vast and incomprehensible wasteland of human cruelty, give me a call. I’d love to know if you’ve figured it out.”

    I haven’t a clue. But this is how I feel about advice about my mother who sadly can’t read this blog or this comment or the news or answer most questions:


    And I also wonder how the rich, armed, powerful and cruel can treat the young, the elderly, most women, endangered species and the rest of us without agency as if we were players in the hunger games.

    Some questions have no answers. Or at least no acceptable ones.

  2. Wow, you’ve managed to put into words things I think on a daily basis. Or as I like to put simply – ‘What the heck is going on with human kind and do I really have to be a part of this?’ Unfortunately I think it’s something I’ll be left to ponder up until I no longer have to be a part of it anymore.

  3. I’m afraid it’s even worse than you think because those despicable thoughts and those harmless ones can exist not only in the same species but even within the same brain. Just an hour or two before going off on some murderous spree, a gunman might be debating with himself what type of spread he wants on his toast.

    I’m afraid this is a bit of a darker comment than I usually leave on people’s blogs (Sorry!), but maybe it’s good to be serious once in a while too. (Although my thoughts would probably carry more weight if I didn’t have a smiley bag on my head.)

  4. Turn off the news, Ms. Fritz. It’s mostly lies anyhow, aimed rather specifically at invoking an emotional response instead of a logical one. Even the most casual glance at media tactics reveals the validity of my statement.

    This is the point where you become dismissive, wholeheartedly reject my comment and continue your dysfunctionally abusive relationship with mainstream media. After all, only crazy people doubt what they see on television.

  5. Hey…A half glass is a half glass…Optimist or Pessimist…Its who u are…and what u want to become
    “There is no fate,except what we make” Cheers B-)

  6. I share your shock and grief. I can only offer this…have gratitude for the triviality of your dilemmas and pray for the hearts and wounds of ALL to be healed, including those of the perpetrators.

  7. The only answer lies in having a world governments.
    That your problem is not an isolated form, its being faced by all human race around the world. So its a world problem, hence calls for a world government to solve. No existing, disintegrated countries governments in their respective capacity can manage to deal with since what one country tries to combat, another neighboring countries are busy promoting or developing. Start right From you, your feelings towards others, upto abig threats as nuclear weapons… Problem problem problem..
    Conclusively, I know jw.org gives a clear clues for those human race having insight.

  8. I like this piece..it really gives a little insight about whats going on out here. & the people out here are ridiculous & it don’t make since at all. These people need a whole lot of advice

  9. I feel you, every time i read the news its about shootings and dead people and children its so sad and I don’t understand it, but its always good to keep in mind that theres also lots of good things going on around the world not just bad.

  10. such simple sentences but the message yet so deep. I’m pretty much the opposite as i don’t take opinions at all. But the questions that you have raised is so damn true and needs to be answered looking at the pace in which our civilization has been growing towards inhuman deeds.

  11. I love the meaning of this post, people don’t understand that the things in the world that are influencing them, are doing it in a bad way, and they’re too ignorant to understand what they’re doing to their brains, bodies, and perception of things.. Some people just don’t think right anymore.😢

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