Twelve Children’s Books I Want To Write.

1angryhangover 2phantomsavings 3notaboutme 4kickstarter 5i likeyou 6millennial 7greeneggs 8everyone hates dating 9dumbphone 10 alexander 11allmyfriends 12 am i my mother


ps: That last illustration was totally cribbed from the excellent C.B. Bryza’s “Are You My Boyfriend?” It’s great. You can buy it here.

20 thoughts on “Twelve Children’s Books I Want To Write.

  1. OMG !!! these are insanely brilliant and yet sooo sane ! You do what you always do, acknowledge the fact that we are all trying to be this perfect person that magazines, media tells us that unless we are this perfect goddess, we are crappy losers, whereas the reality is we all have green eggs in our fridge at some point and thats actually ok.

  2. These are just brilliant. I want to read them ’cause I’m just a kid at heart. I think my favourite already is “The Phantom Savings Account” – I want one, please let me have one!

  3. Isn’t it interesting that only children are supposed to have ‘problems’? If you published any of these books, I would buy them on the spot. They sound a lot more comforting than ‘How to Become a Goddess in 10 Days’ or ‘Embracing your Womanhood’ when all you want to do is hide from it on the couch.

  4. Just what I needed on this Monday. You RULE! I’m telling my daughter about your terrific blog, especially since one of our fave books from her childhood makes a renewed appearance, here. (“Everybody…”) Which actually explains my entire weekend…

  5. This is fabulous!! just think – if my mum had read me The Very Angry Hangover, my life could have turned out so differently!

    Other suggestions include “The Curious Case of the Credit Card on the Night Out” and “The Famous Five Go to Ibiza”

    Love it

    Sophie x

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