So I’ve been unemployed for about a week.

(Ok, there’s probably a better term for that. I freelance, so this isn’t uncommon. “Between jobs” is a better way of saying it. “Unemployment” sounds as if I’m eligible for government money, which I’m not. This is more “taking a break to focus on my writing.” It sounds better than “hasn’t put on real pants in days.”)

Anyways. I really have been writing. I’ve been spending these hermit-like long days at home, not leaving the house, re-reading “Wild Mind,” walking around the kitchen in circles, thinking be a writer be a writer write something really great today you can do it go go go go create create create create, and then I make some more coffee and then I write some stuff down. And then I re-read it and I think crap crap crap crap this is terrible I’m not a writer this is the worst everything is awful and then I have to take a break for awhile. And so that’s what I was doing, taking a break, when I landed upon this old idea of mine and thought, fuck it, we’re doing this instead.

This is ladypockets. The joke is pretty evident, I think, but in case it needs explaining, here goes: instead of writing the great American Novel, I made a fake fashion + lifestyle blog where I tell you where to buy Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s earrings.

I don’t see myself updating it regularly. I just wanted it to exist, and now it does, and in some way I can’t quite articulate properly, that’s what the internet is all about, Charlie Brown.


In other news, it’s probably a really good thing that I go back to work in June.


30 thoughts on “ladypockets.

  1. Your new blog is procrastination taken to stratospheric heights of brilliance. Monetize that baby and call it a good day! P.S. I love you. And you are a writer. A very witty, insightful, talented writer.

  2. I’m procrastinating too, and all I’ve got to show for it is a new score in Words With Friends, a lot of realllly sharp pencils, and some unnecessarily folded underwear. YOU are an inspiration.

  3. Hey! Just as a starting point, I fucking love your blog, it’s one of the highlights of my week to take a breath and devour each post. I just wanted to ask you a question: I’m a creative person and I make illustrations and I wanted to make one for your ladypockets logo. Would you be interested? You can see some if my work in my Instagram @anarebecacastillo or on my twitter @rebe_cas . It would be an immense pleasure to be part of this!!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Ana Rebeca Castillo


    • Sure!! Oh, man, that’d be great! I’m not sure how I’d use it just yet (I kind of dig the minimalism of the header) but I’d certainly not say no to some artwork that i helped inspire — that would be incredible! xo Katherine

  4. Ah yes, this sounds so familiar. “I’m gonna write all my freelance articles and finish this storybook project and move ahead on rewriting my YA psychological fantasy novel!”

    Oh look, a blog post on cats that I just wrote. Funny, that’s not what I intended to do today… *fidgets mouse* *sees approaching deadlines* *grumbles something about writing taking its own time and needing to work with the inspiration of the moment* *TRIES REALLY HARD NOT TO KEEP THINKING ABOUT DEADLINES*


  5. Well, I’m hooked! I look forward to your take on DC’s latest “Red Carpet” event, the annual Correspondence Dinner. I think procrastination gets a bad rap; it’s just a case of your muse taking a nap or wanting to try something different. Which you did, to great effect! Someone had to step up and take charge, now that “Fashion Police” has become less about the clothes and more about a once-brilliant Joan Rivers telling jokes about genitalia, her aging body and anyone who’s recently departed due to a drug overdose. (So sad…)

    Carry on!

  6. I LOVE Ladypockets!!!ย  All my fave heroines (except Condi) are represented!ย  You are too adorable, Fritzy!

    xo N

  7. Totally dumping the trend/fashion blog/slash “make a hat out of crap flowers” blog for yours. It is definitely more relevant and newsworthy. Just wish that your link to it had opened a new tab because now I have to go back and “follow”.

  8. That is…AMAZING! Thank you for making me laugh this loud, at work. There may also have been a snort…love it and hope you keep it up, even when you’re not taking a break

  9. Ladypockets is amazing hahaha, and sidenote: your procrastinating is still more productive than my procrastinating (and probably most other people’s procrastinating… but don’t worry, we’re not people).

  10. love ladypockets! it gives me the guilty thrill of fashion oogling with women I admire even the ones who advocate for policy I oppose. it’s fantastic. I’m book marking it.

  11. I really enjoyed your blog. A lot of funny parts which I love! I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a look at my humorous blog at and tell me what you think. Keep up the great work!

  12. Ladypockets is amazing and I love it so much, that I am a little bit sad you are going back to work. thanks for creating it. you are right that the world is better just because it does exists. Tell you mother that. I told mine.

  13. A friend in the fashion industry sent me a link to ladypockets, and now I’m sending it to a whole bunch of snarky, savvy women! Go, ladypockets!

  14. Stumbled across your blog in my Facebook feed, and followed ALL the THINGS, including the path to Ladypockets. You are brilliant. May you never be unemployed for longer than you want to be. Please keep writing!

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